‘We won’t let him relax for a second’ – Tuchel determined to get the best out of Chelsea star Havertz

The young midfielder rose again after a difficult start at Stamford Bridge and wrote himself into history books with his Champions League last goal
Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel was determined to help Kai Havertz reach his full potential, and would not allow the setback from young stars along the way.

After a difficult start in life in the Premier League after moving from Bayer Leverkusen in 2020, Havertz is now considered an important part of the Blues team.

And Tuchel was happy to see him working hard to fulfill his undoubted potential.

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“I found it very strong when we returned,” said the manager about Havertz when asked by reporters.

“I am happy with his attitude towards training and pre-season matches very early in this season. I felt it very confident after the end of the season after he was very firm in the Champions League.

“He did not lean on it and considered it as remembering that he had made an impact now and owned his place. He struggled with a different attitude and confident. He also uses his body to play physically training, if he misses in training, he still takes The next shot with full confidence.

“This is a small detail where I can see that he is in a good place. He encourages himself and he wants to continue to be better and have another impact and another impact. This is what we demand because that person is so full of that talent we don’t will let it relax for a moment.

“If you have this number of talents, we will push it to the maximum absolute and this person has a body, talent and head. He has everything and playing confidence at the top level. This is him. I feel it a little tired after a national break where he is rather sick During the match for Germany but now he is in very good condition.

“He has a good physical impact versus zenit where he comes out of the bench. We relied on him. He is very important to us.”

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Havertz is one of the highest-ranked young midfielders in the world when he chose to exchange Leverkusen for Chelsea in the summer of 2020 in a movement of £ 70 million ($ 97 million).

But inconsistent forms and injuries, including Covid-19 fight, hampered their efforts to settle at Stamford Bridge, which led to a disappointing start under Frank Lampard.

It would be better to follow the arrival of Tuchel, and Havertz will eventually show His value with a winning goal against Manchester City to seal the victory in the Champions League final.

He has since appeared in every match in 2021-22 so far for the Blues, with the only goal so far this term came in a 1-1 Premier League lottery with Liverpool.

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