Varane talks up Ronaldo benefit at Man Utd & hopes to recreate Ramos partnership with Maguire

The versatile 29-year-old has not found the Red Devils since January 2020 after struggling with a long-term knee injury
Manchester United defender Phil Jones claimed to see “light at the end of the tunnel” for him at Old Trafford, with a 29-year-old child who suffered a 20-month nightmare spell on the sidelines.

England International hasn’t mastered the Red Devils since January 2020, with serious knee problems force him to undergo surgery and face frustrating spells watching from afar.

Jones now curled back to the dispute, with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer keeping the door open for him, and versatile operators hope to leave the most difficult period in his career today.

What is said?
Jones told United’s official club podcasts after being something forgotten: “I felt good at that time.

“Obviously, I have passed hell and returned for the past few years. I struggled with my knees a little and [there] appeared one point after the kuncian where I thought was enough.

“I held myself in great condition over the stall and returned. But I remember just practicing here [Carrington] and went to the document and said ‘Enough’ enough ‘. Unfortunately, there will be a leave from the field, which I know will be difficult for me, But it is something I have to do.

“Fortunately, I saw the light at the end of the tunnel now, and I have returned to practice, playing some games behind-door and I feel very good at this time.

“It’s very good to return to practicing with young people and enjoy being a soccer player again because for the past 15 months, all ‘daycare daycare’ and not many football.”

Is Jones File again?

Jones has been in United’s books since 2011, when he gasped from Blackburn by Sir Alex Ferguson, and had taken 224 appearances for the club.

He was only related to a contract of up to 2023, and faced fierce competition for places from people like Harry Maguire and Raphael Varane, but were determined to maximize the pain of free and ready to compete for competitive minutes once more.

Jones added: “[already] tough. I think as a soccer player, as a person, as a human, that’s the lowest I might feel in my life.

“You tried and got a balance between the life of football and family but it was very difficult home and tried to take care of children. You are there, but you are not there, you’re not present. It’s fun to get it to balance again.

“At first I thought, I would be honest, I felt very difficult to watch football, only in general because you can’t do anything. You jammed, you from your feet. Enter the land every day, it’s hard to leave because you will come out so long and I know that getting an operation.

“But fortunately, I have a good team around me, family, friends, and I passed it.”

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