‘My heart skipped a beat’ – Arsenal defender White grateful to keeper Ramsdale after major error in Burnley win

The British international has been reflected at the time which almost costs important victories in Turf Moor
Ben White has expressed his gratitude to Aaron Ramsdale after getting away with a big mistake in Arsenal’s victory over Burnley, admitting “my heart was beating fast”.

Arsenal followed up on home 1-0 victory last weekend over Norwich City by beating Burnley with the same score at Turf Moor on Saturday, thanks to Martin Odegaard a free kick.

The Gunners rose to 13 at the table and now only three points outside the big six, but White must be Ramsdale to accept to save sprinkles against Clarets who might have received a point if it wasn’t for quick-goalkeeper reactions.

What happened?
Ran Ran putih towards my own box to take the middle of the ball off the second half, and tried to first pass back to Ramsdale. The 23-year-old beats did not have almost heavy enough on it, allowing Matej Vydra to race in and intercepted the ball for Burnley.

Vydra tried to go around Ramsdale, and the referee initially pointed to the penalty spot after the gunners shoot-stopper reached out to lower the vocalist clarets.

However, the decision was reversed after the VAR review showed that Ramsdale had won the ball legally, leaving White as the most relieved person at the stadium.

What is said?
White paid tribute to Ramsdale for Bailing him out, but also appointed a lack of moisture in the field as an excuse for his pass failed to reach his teammate.

“That’s hard, my heart beat fast for the second,” said Arsenal’s official website defender. “It’s really, really dry out there today and my pass back didn’t get there at all. Luckily Aaron came to save me.”

White added to the latest Gunners ‘performance’: “We knew it would be a difficult match before we came here clearly it was so hard and the two big boys they had at the top were difficult to handle ..

“I think the clean sheet is really important. If you get it, you have a good chance to win. We have upfront quality so if we keep clean sheets, we will always win the match.”

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