Live Streaming Semifinal BWF Sudirman Cup 2021 Malaysia vs Japan

Live Streaming Semifinal BWF Sudirman Cup 2021 Malaysia vs Japan – Sudirman Cup 2021 quarter-final schedule for the Indonesian Badminton National Team starting tomorrow Friday, October 1, 2021 along with a live video streaming link available here.

The 2021 Sudirman Cup Quarter-Final live broadcast will be held at Energia Areena, Vantaa, Finland and broadcast live by Vidio.

The draw for the 2021 Sudirman Cup Quarter-Finals is planned to be held today, Thursday, September 3, 2021.

Eight teams from eight different countries ensured themselves to advance in the quarter-finals and compete for tickets to the semi-finals.

Link Live Streaming Semifinal BWF Sudirman Cup 2021 Malaysia vs Japan

Link Live Server 2

The Indonesian badminton national team will also compete in the Sudirman Cup quarter-finals after being the leader of Group C with Denmark in the runner-up position.

While the other six teams are China and Thailand from group A, Chinese Taipei and South Korea from group B.

Meanwhile, the winners and runners-up of group D qualification were represented by teams from Japan and Malaysia.

The quarter-finals are planned to start at 14:00 WIB and 20:00 WIB.

There are two games every hour on two different pitches. Homeland badminton lovers can watch this match via a live streaming link or live video broadcast.

After the quarter-finals, the teams that qualify will advance to the semifinals of the 2021 Sudirman Cup which is scheduled to be held on October 2, 2021.

While the Sudirman Cup 2021 Final will be broadcast live on October 3, 2021.

Watch the 2021 Sudirman Cup quarter-finals or 2021 Sudirman Cup and support the Indonesian team through the following live video broadcast:


List of countries that have qualified for the 2021 Sudirman Cup quarter-finals:

1. Grup C:

– Indonesia

– Denmark

2. Grup A:

– Cina

– Thailand

3. Grup B

– Taiwan atau Chinese Taipei

– Korea Selatan

4. Grup D

– Jepang

– Malaysia

That’s the schedule for the Sudirman Cup 2021 quarter-finals for the Indonesian team in the quarter-finals and the live streaming link or live broadcast tomorrow October 1, 2021 on Vidio.

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